Who am I


Hi! Nice to meet you. You can call me "Xiao-jing". I'm graduated from the National Taipei University of Technology. Although studying the EE, I'm interested in computer networks. This website is design and create by myself!

研習 & 證照

2015 The Declaration of Hacker (TDOH) 2015北區聚

2014 PHP Conf. Taiwan 2014

2014 The Declaration of Hacker (TDOH) 2014北區聚

2012 PHP Conf. Taiwan 2012

2007 平面顯示器科技研習營

2007 中華民國技術士證 - 電腦軟體應用(丙) (NO.118-337028)

2006 中華民國技術士證 - 工業電子(丙) (NO.028-246247)

2006 中華民國技術士證 - 網頁設計(丙) (NO.173-056825)